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Welcome To Amerascrew, Mansfield's Most Trusted Screw Machine Shop

CNC Products From Our Screw Shop

At Amerascrew, we take great pride in our work as a screw machine shop. Our primary focus is providing accurate and precise screws to a wide range of businesses and industries. So, when it comes to CNC screws, we are your go-to choice. We place a high value on precision and speed, two qualities that are often considered incompatible. However, at Amerascrew, we excel in delivering both. Our expert team consistently achieves these standards, positioning us as one of the top screw machine companies in Ohio.

By partnering with Amerascrew, you gain the advantage of producing prototypes as well as large-volume orders in the most cost-effective manner. As leaders in CNC manufacturing for Mansfield, Ohio, we are committed to delivering on this promise.

If you have had a positive experience with us, we kindly request you to write a review. Your feedback is invaluable and greatly contributes to our success.

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Welcome to Amerascrew

At our CNC machine screw shop in Mansfield, Ohio, we are dedicated to providing top-notch products designed for durability and longevity. With a strong foundation in high-quality precision-turned parts, screw machine products, and milling machines, our team has successfully built a bridge to exceptional customer satisfaction.

We take immense pride in our workmanship, ensuring the superior quality you deserve. As one of the finest screw machine companies in the region, Amerascrew has garnered numerous satisfied customers who can vouch for our services.

We’ve been in the business for over 100 years. This has taught us how to understand what our customers want and how to satisfy them. So, we must be doing something right to stay around this long.

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Smart Technology

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Best & Leading Industrial Screw Machine Shop

We Promise:

Creditable Integrity

Effective Team Work

Expert Advice

Quality Assurance

Superior Machine Shop Services in Ohio: Discover What Sets Amerascrew Apart

We proudly work with our suppliers to ensure the best price, quality and delivery are met or exceeded. So, the industries we have worked for are diverse and each has taught us important lessons in our field. Also, we have used all our knowledge and experience through the years to become a trusted screw shop in Ohio. Learn more about what we can do, here.

These industries include:

Diversity is our specialty when it to materials and parts as a leader in machine shops in Ohio.

Also, we have experience running virtually any kind of material. So, we’ve worked with free cutting brasses and leaded steels to the exotic, hardened, and difficult materials that other shops refuse to run or overcharge.

So, trust our experience to give you the products and parts you need for functionality.

Download a PDF of our materials list!

Amerascrew puts you first because we care. So, we find solutions to meet your needs and deliver your products. Also, staying up-to-date on EPA & OSHA regulations is our top priority. What’s more, we’re a member of the PMPA, Chamber of Commerce, Richland County Safety Council, and Regional Manufacturer’s Coalition. So, you are getting a tried and tested company to work for you when you choose us.

Do you want American made products? We are sure that you just answered yes. Luckily, so do we. So, our materials are made right here in the USA whenever possible. Also, regardless of who our suppliers are Amerascrew employees are experienced in ROHS, TRI, NAFTA, Reach, Manufacture’s Affidavit, Conflict Minerals, and Country of Origin.

We’ve been in this business for a long time. Bottom line: we know how to deliver the best quality for your money. Don’t go overseas when the quality your business needs is right in your own backyard.

So, we’ve worked with the greatest minds in the aerospace and medical fields. We’ve helped chefs keep their kitchens fully functional and miners safe from danger. Let us improve your working environment and contact us today!

Download a PDF of our facilities list!

We Proudly Serve These Industries

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And More

Amerascrew: Ohio's Best Machine Shop with Over 100 Years of Customer Satisfaction

Years in Business


Parts shipped


Machine Hours

Family owned

Our Motto

“Good parts, on a timely basis at a decent price is what a customer is looking for." ~ Richard Keith

As the best in CNC screw machine shops, we’ll get the job done quick and do it right. If you need quality custom precision turned machined parts and products you can depend on. There’s only one choice. Amerascrew.

Also, we communicate with you through live customer service from specs to delivery. Every step of the way, you are involved. So, you do not need to worry. Our team will make your project happen. 

Interested in Advancing Your CNC Career?

Amerascrew Is Now Hiring!

Join our renowned team of machine shop experts. We now have openings for:

  • Brown Sharp set up and Operators
  • Acme Gridley set up and operators
  • Centerless Grinders
  • CNC Set up and Operators
  • Machinist
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