CNC Manufacturing Specialties

Trust Us & Our Milling Machine in Mansfield, Ohio

Amerascrew Is Here For You With Vertical CNC Products

As a leader in CNC manufacturing in Mansfield, Ohio, Amerascrew, Inc. has built the bridge from high-quality precision turned parts, screw machine products, and milling machines to the ultimate customer satisfaction. Each piece that we offer is made with care, dedication, and precision. The pride that we take in our workmanship ensures the quality that you deserve. We also offer vertical CNC products. Our milling machine in Mansfield, Ohio allows us to create accurate results.

98+ years in business has taught us how to better service our customers. Therefore, we know you’re worried about cost and we want you to know we care.

What Is CNC Manufacturing?

CNC, or Computerized Numerical Control, manufacturing is a process in which a computer automatically creates the product through previously programmed code and software. With this process we are able to make large amounts of products that are always precise! Amerascrew uses this computerized process and our milling machine to create accurate and quick results! We use our specialties to make sure you get exactly what you need, the best and most accurate screws in Ohio!

The abstract scene multi-tasking CNC lathe machine swiss type and pipe connector parts. The hi-technology brass fitting connector manufacturing by machining center.