Never Sacrifice Quality.

Precision Screw Machine Shop Expertise

A Century-Long Tradition of Precision in Screw Machine Shops

Established in 1920, our legacy began with The American Toy Airship Company, which later pivoted to The American Electrical Products Company in response to the surging demand for precision screw machine products.

Reshaping into Amerascrew, Inc. in 2000, we upheld our tradition of delivering the highest caliber screw machine products, now underscored by our ISO 9001:2008 certification. As a third-generation, family-owned enterprise, we pride ourselves on upholding values of excellence and cost-efficiency that align with our client’s expectations.

Trust in Amerascrew’s storied expertise to deliver unparalleled screw machine shop services.

Precise Screw Machine Shop Outcomes Guaranteed

At Amerascrew, expect nothing less than precision-engineered screws crafted by our adept personnel. Utilizing cutting-edge machinery and techniques, we consistently deliver products with the highest degree of accuracy. Our proficiency in the industry not only sets us apart but also solidifies our position as your premier choice for screw machine requirements.

A strong emphasis on quality underscores everything we undertake, ensuring each component adheres to our rigorous standards. Engage with our knowledge base via our blog for insights into the applications of our machine screws.

As active participants in organizations like PMPA and the Richland Area Chamber of Commerce, we underscore the importance of workplace safety and regulatory adherence, including stringent EPA & OSHA compliance — a commitment reflected in the superior quality of our output. Discover the expertise behind our quality assurance processes.

Lineup of our finished precision turned parts for Ohio
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AmeraScrew: Your Source for U.S.-Crafted Precision Screws

Our commitment to delivering American-made products is unwavering, ensuring all machining occurs domestically for enhanced quality control. The result is the finest, most accurate machine screws available — a testament to our dedication to superior quality and craftsmanship.

motherboard components

Unmatched Expertise in Screw Machine Shops

Amerascrew’s team expertly navigates regulations including ROHS, TRI, NAFTA, and Reach, leveraging extensive industry knowledge to ensure every machine screw meets exacting standards. With Amerascrew, precision isn’t just an expectation—it’s a deliverable.

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