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98+ Years of Customer Satisfaction and Accurate Machine Screws

Amerascrew puts you first because we care about giving you the most accurate machine screws and products possible. We find solutions to meet your needs and deliver your products as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our team is ready to give you the most accurate and polished machine screws possible. No matter what industry you are in, we got you covered. Learn more about how we assure quality in our products!

We are able to do this by staying up-to-date on EPA & OSHA regulations, this is our top priority. By having these measures put into place, we are able to keep safe, while also giving you the machine products you need. Also, we are a member of the PMPA, Chamber of Commerce, Richland County Safety Council, and Regional Manufacturer’s Coalition. We understand the value of safety when working in our field. 

Our accurate machine screws are high quality and always leave our customers happy. So, when you begin the search for a company to work with for your machine products in Mansfield, Ohio, choose us!

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Ohio-Made Products

You want American-made products and so do we. That's why our products are made right here in the USA. This happens, regardless of who our suppliers are. This allows for greater quality control than those who outsource their work. Also, by having this QC, we are able to create the most accurate machine screw on the market.

Leading Innovation In Accurate Machine Screws

Amerascrew employees are experienced in ROHS, TRI, NAFTA, Reach, Manufacture’s Affidavit, Conflict Minerals, and Country of Origin. From our experience, we have learned just about everything there is to know about our industry. So you can rest easy when choosing Amerascrew. You can always expect an accurate machine screw.

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Amerascrew, Leaders in Making Accurate Machine Screws

Have no worry when you choose us at Amerascrew! For, when you select us our hard working team members will make sure your products are as great and precise as can be. 

Our team is experienced with the proper machinery and techniques that lead to accurate and precise results every time. This experience has led us to become leaders in this industry. Would you like to join us? Check out our application here!

 We aim to please, and we understand that to do that we need accurate and quality products. That is why we make sure each screw and piece we work with matches our high quality standards.

Wondering what you can use our machine screws for? Check out our blog post detailing their uses!

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