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What is Stamping and What is it Used For?

Many manufacturers offer some sort of metal stamping, but what is it and what would it be used for? Stamping is the process of placing any flat sheet metal of your choice in either blank or coil form into a stamping press where a tool and die surface forms the metal into your desired shape. A stamping die is a special tool that cuts and forms sheet metal into its desired shape and are typically made out of special forms of hardened steel called tool steel. This system is used to make parts to many important products in industries such as aerospace, telecommunications, and agricultural sectors.

One of the biggest advantages of pressing and stamping parts is that you will often be able to complete the fabrication process more quickly. Because the stamping and pressing process moves along very quickly, you are able to get your products within just a few minutes in most cases. Stamping can be used in many different industries based off the needs of the customer and the project they are working on. For example, the aerospace, electrical, and defense industries require the electrical or thermal conductivity of copper over the high strength of steel for products that are required for the automotive industry.

At Amerascrew we offer light stamping services in Mansfield, Ohio. Our stamping department gives us an edge on our competitors as it gives us added functionality. The products that we make are diverse and can range from any thin gauge metal fabrication to high-strength components. You may have heard that copper is the best metal to use when stamping because of its versatility, however, we are able to work with all kinds of metal, this includes exotic materials and even precious metals. Our most commonly used materials are steel, aluminum, brass, and copper, and these are used on our forms like slugs, individual parts, coils, sheets and strips. Here at Amerascrew we offer a variety of services that can help assist you in making many of your projects. If you have a special project that you are working on and need specific parts to finish it, feel free to contact us online or at (419) 522-2232 where we can quote you for a custom precision product.

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