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The Benefits of Internal Assembling

It is no secret that many manufacturers have been taking their work overseas because it is cheaper in some cases and they can mass produce what they need to meet their market needs daily. This accounts for a large part of businesses; however, we are starting to see that manufacturing operations can be more cost effective and competitive if they stay in the United States. In this article, we will go over some of the benefits of internal assembly and show you why it may be better for you to keep your manufacturing business right at home.

Companies that have successfully located manufacturing and assembly activity in the U.S. are using foreign trade zones to help improve supply-chain efficiency, reduce costs, and stay compliant with Customs and Border protection. Because FTZ’s are outside of the Customs Territory, the operator may choose to pay the duty rate on the finished product or the part, whatever is cheaper. You can be granted “direct delivery” and “weekly entry” that will substantially reduce your cost of importation. These FTZ’s were created to help businesses in the U.S. compete with foreign manufacturers and it works.

If you keep your business in the U.S., you can have more efficient production lines. There are many companies throughout the world that will use surplus employees because they do not want to install the correct equipment that may reduce staffing demands. You should investigate what could be done with a better-engineered assembly and additional automation in the U.S. and make your decision from there.

Lastly, what we will mention here is that when you do your business in the U.S. it is a lot easier to make sure that the material you are using and the products you are selling are quality. There can be a lot of mishaps in assembly when you are not there to monitor the waste and the quality control of your product and this could cost you not only money, but your customers trust as well. That is why at Amerascrew we are proud to offer internal assembling right in Mansfield, Ohio. This provides cheaper production, faster turnaround, higher quality products, and we test the product every time to make sure it is as good as it can be.

If you are looking for a company to help you with your next project, think Amerascrew. No job is too big or too little for us and we can guarantee your satisfaction with every job. Contact us to request a quote for your custom precision product.

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