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Styles of Automatic Screw Machines

When you hear the term “automatic screw machine” or the less formal saying of just “screw machine”, you may be under the impression that they serve the same function as a screwdriver or drill. This is not the case. Automatic screw machines are essentially lathes used to machine parts for industry or sale. They are capable of threading material, although that is not their sole purpose.

A screw machine is essentially a lathe which rotates a piece of material (i.e., wood, clay, metal) on an axis to perform various operations such as cutting sanding, knurling, drilling deformation, facing or turning. At Amerascrew, our engineers analyze your needs closely to give you the most cost-effective method for your parts.

Automatic screw machines fall into two easily recognizable categories — Swiss and Turret — and while they function differently, their output and benefits are more or less the same.

Swiss Screw Machines

Swiss screw machines are further subdivided into automatic and computer numerical (CNC for short). Both operate on a similar principle but the CNC machine is controlled by a computer. Because it’s controlled by a computer, it allows for a high RPM (10,000) and accuracy zoning in at (0,0002 to 0.0005 inches). Swiss-style machines are super popular with both automatic and CNC-screw machines being widely used in the IT, automotive and consumer electronics industries.

Turret Screw Machines

The turret-type screw machine orients the material on a vertical ram which then moves into the tool. These turret screw machines produce nearly identical results. The only difference comes in the form of accuracy. In terms of accuracy, the Swiss-style machine outshines the turret screw by providing a higher rate of accuracy. Generally, both types of screw machines come equipped with a single spindle, but double spindle machines are becoming the standard in some cases.

After being in business for almost 100 years, Amerascrew has a storied reputation for servicing custom precision made parts to industries of all sizes. You can request a free quote by filling out the contact form listed on our website!

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