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Celebrating Over 100 Years of Service: Amerascrew Leads as Mansfield Ohio’s First Independent Screw Machine Shop

Amerascrew, a third-generation and family-owned company, was the first independent screw machine shop in Mansfield, Ohio. It has ingrained its name into the history of American manufacturing. The company was founded in 1920 and initially operated under The American Toy Airship Company, creating children’s toys and manicuring machines. In 1935 the company transformed into The American Electrical Products Company, a full-service screw machine shop following the rising demand for precision screw machine goods. After Richard Keith’s passing in 1971, Martha Keith took over leadership of the company, and by adapting their business model, they continued to grow, becoming Amerascrew Inc. in the year 2000. The name change came with the maturation of strict assemblies to high-quality screw machine products. Despite encountering hurdles, Amerascrew is a highly respected leader in the precision machining industry today.

Today, Amerascrew is a trusted provider of precision screw machine products. The Mansfield, Ohio-based company maintains its commitment to quality and industry expertise by employing an experienced and dedicated team. The workforce includes notable names such as president John Keith, office manager Cindy Elliott, plant supervisor William Mathison, and Engineer Joe Janeczek, to name a few. Amerascrew’s product offering reflects the superior craftsmanship that has become synonymous with the Amerascrew name. With roots deeply planted in Mansfield, Ohio, the company operates under the guidance of its committed leadership team. With steadfast commitment, they can sail through another century of manufacturing excellence.

Celebrating over 100 years of unparalleled service, AmeraScrew continues to set its sights on the future. The company’s passion for innovation and advancement continues to be driven by the commitment of its workforce. Acknowledging the different contributions of their team members, Amerascrew is thankful for the drive, expertise, and dedication displayed by each team member. By continually adapting to the ever-changing industry trends, Amerascrew is at the cutting edge of precision machining, consistently demonstrating our expertise in the industry. The team’s harmony and determined focus on efficiency and quality reinforce Amerascrew’s position as a leader and innovator in the manufacturing and industrial sectors.

653 Lida Street
PO Box 1407
Mansfield, Ohio 44901


Phone: (419) 522-2232
Fax: (419) 525-4165

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