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Is CNC Machining a Better Solution than Manual Machining?

What do you associate with the word “automated?” Poor quality? Inauthentic? Inhumane? Because of its connotations, some frown upon automatic processes, such as an automatic machining process called Computer Numerical Control. For those who protest automatic systems, manual machining is thought of as a more personalized, and therefore more quality process. We’re here to address that myth– CNC machining is superior to manual machining for a number of reasons: 

CNC machining is versatile

CNC technology can create a variety of complex shapes and complicated designs that manual production simply cannot compete with. This special g-coded technology allows us to use fewer machines to cut through dense material at any angle. This efficient and precise method gives us options that are nearly limitless. 

CNC machining speeds up product delivery rates 

Because the software within the computers is able to execute multiple actions at once, CNC machining significantly reduces the time it takes to finish a product. These machines have cut lead times from over three weeks to less than 48 hours. When you need a specialized part in a crunch, we’re able to rise to that challenge because of CNC machining. 

CNC machining is more environmentally-friendly than manual machining

CNC machines can make precise, accurate cuts, which means that they produce less scrap material overall. In addition to producing less waste, CNC machines also reduce the need for multiple different manual machines: they can hold more than 150 tools! That means fewer chemicals, less oil, and less pollution. 

Amerascrew, Inc. is the leader in CNC manufacturing in Mansfield, Ohio. If you’re searching for high-quality precision turned parts, screw machine products, vertical CNC products, or milling machines, we’ve got what you need. Check out our website to learn more about our services and get connected. 

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