Never Sacrifice Quality.

How We Set Ourselves Apart in CNC Assemblies

Quality CNC parts are challenging to find, but not with Amerascrew.

The average corporate company in the CNC industry (or any industry) is after one thing and one thing only — money –, and that’s where they get it wrong. To run a quality business, you must establish great founding principles and values that guide the company and its structure. However, that’s not the case with most businesses in our industry; this is where outsourcing plays an unfortunate role. Businesses that favor cheap labor over quality labor will typically look for work overseas to cut costs. Although this may be cost-effective in the short term, this can create many problems. For the consumer, this creates a lack of trust because once this happens, the quality of the product often decreases, and the price of the product stays the same. Luckily, Amerascrew is different.

Amerascrew values quality, made in the USA parts that will last as long as needed. We don’t cut corners, just metal. We work together as a team and are passionate about delivering you a product that ensures customer satisfaction. This is why so many of our customers have trusted us for 98+ years! Yep, you heard us right: we have been operating our machine shop and have been a lead competitor for nearly 100 years. So when it’s the experience you want, it’s Amerascrew you need.

Our screw shop and assemblies are located in Mansfield, Ohio. For all of your precision turned parts, products, and screw machining needs, call us today at (419) 522-2232.

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