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How Our Screw Shop Benefits Your Industry: Amerascrew

If you’ve ever peeked at the list of industries we provide our services to, you might be surprised by what you find; Photography, Dental, Entertainment? How can a screw shop assist businesses that fall in these categories?

In short, almost every industry requires equipment to run efficiently and provide services to its customers. Photographers need working cameras, tripods, and other tools. Dentists need X-Ray machines, cutters, scalers, and teeth-cleaning devices. Entertainers need projectors, video recorders, audio equipment, and more. All of this equipment is made up of smaller pieces and parts that work together and allow our jobs to run smoothly. Every day, we depend on these components to do their job so we can do ours. If any of these pieces fail or go missing, we’re at a loss and may not be able to continue working.

So, where do we come in? We’re glad you asked. We create these precision parts, customized to fit your exact preferences and requirements when you need them. Our machine shop has many machines and experienced staff that give us the capabilities of affording you a fast turnover rate and a smaller price tag than many other CNC shops. From centerless grinding to metal stamping, we do what it takes to deliver you the right parts.

If you need a precision part in Mansfield, Ohio, please visit ourwebsite and contact us for more information. We’d be happy to provide you with an estimated time for your delivery and more details.

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