Never Sacrifice Quality.

Choose An American Manufacturer!

It is no surprise when we tell you that most everything you own or manufacture is made overseas in today’s world. Often, these foreign goods are created in deplorable conditions and not properly made to fit the customer’s exact needs. However, when you choose to work with Amerascrew, you are not only helping to support those hardworking Americans, but you are choosing quality products made right here in the United States.

Because most things get sent overseas to be manufactured, the consumer can easily tell the quality of the product is not exactly what they had hoped for. When you choose to have an American company produce the pieces, parts, and things you need, you can definitely see the increased quality.

Big companies and other businesses often make the argument that when you manufacture goods in other countries, it is cheaper. This has been proven to actually be false; we have begun to see a change in cost-effectiveness as it has been shown that manufacturing operations have been cheaper and build the economic competition when the business remains locally.

Not only are you saving yourself and your business a significant amount of money when you choose an American manufacturer, but you are also reducing the chance of getting something that doesn’t meet your expectations. With Amerascrew, you can guarantee that everything we manufacture is as precise as humanly possible while ensuring that your product arrives to you in a timely manner.

With our experience of working with different materials and different variations of products, we can guarantee that we will make exactly what you have envisioned. We assemble products from the simple assembly of silver rivets and stampings to the most complex assembly of valves that may require a magnitude of manufactured parts. Because we often make the necessary parts for assembly, we have a unique and diverse set of skills that you cannot find elsewhere.

Make the right choice when choosing a place to manufacture. Choose American-made products and support our hard workers. To learn more about what we do or contact us about a quote for your product, visit our website today or call us at (419) 522-2232!

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