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Unleash Your Skills and Shape the Future of the Machining Industry – Join Amerascrew

Amerascrew, a renowned industry leader in machining, proudly announces new job openings for hard-working, passionate, and skilled machinists. This is an opportunity to work for the first independent screw machine shop in Mansfield, Ohio.

Machinists are a part of the foundation of industrial advancement; their expertise has been crucial in promoting the growth of the machining industry. Amerascrew is looking for people who can help shape the future and make a real difference.

As things change and grow, the need for skilled machinists goes up. Carrying forward this legacy, Amerascrew is seeking team members who have the potential to shape future innovations and leave their mark on the industry. We invite you to be a part of the best machine shop in Ohio, an environment for expanding knowledge and professional development. Our organization recognizes and appreciates individuals passionate about working with mechanical operations and consistently producing precise results.

As an employee at Amerascrew, you can:

  • Enhance your skills using cutting-edge equipment.
  • Work with others who have a passion for quality and precision.
  • Experience hands-on learning and personal growth.
  • Secure your future in the industry.

Amerascrew is currently hiring for:

  • Brown Sharp Setup and Operators
  • Machinists
  • Centerless Grinders
  • CNC Set up and Operators
  • Acme Gridley Multiple Spindle Setup and Operators

You can apply for these jobs on the Amerascrew website or download the PDF application form and email it to officemgr@amerascrew.com.

When you join Amerascrew, you’re not just getting a job; you’re joining an industry leader with a rich history and an exciting future. Now is the time to grab this chance. Amerascrew doesn’t just want employees; they want individuals who will challenge themselves and strive for excellence. Start your career with Amerascrew today and help shape the future while honoring the past.

For more information, visit amerascrew.com/employment/.

653 Lida Street
PO Box 1407
Mansfield, Ohio 44901

Phone: (419) 522-2232
Fax: (419) 525-4165

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