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Amerascrew’s Adaptation and Innovation: A Century-Long Journey in the Industrial Sector

Amerascrew, Inc., an industry pioneer, has steadily grown and adapted since its inception, navigating changes over the decades and transforming into a formidable player in the industrial sector.

Since its inception in the 1920s with a focus on toy and steam engine manufacturing, Amerascrew has effectively expanded its product offerings in line with market changes. In the 1930s, the company entered the beauty sector, introducing multifunctional manicure devices that also served as curling irons. By the 1960s, Amerascrew shifted to producing steak grilling appliances comparable to contemporary George Foreman grills, leading to significant partnerships with screw machine shops. In the innovative spirit of the 1970s, Amerascrew transitioned to a woman-led machine shop headed by Martha Keith in Mansfield, Ohio. When her son, John Keith, took on more responsibilities within the company, the 1980s saw significant growth. This growth included enhancements to the screw machine facility and the addition of the company’s first Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine, marking a notable upgrade in Amerascrew’s technology use.

During the rapid industrial advancements of the 1990s, Amerascrew built an all-inclusive shipping center to guarantee swift and precise delivery of in-demand components to their clients. In the 2020 worldwide pandemic, the company’s adaptability was further emphasized. Amerascrew maintained ongoing operations and strict safety protocols, prioritizing employee well-being, demonstrating its robust business strategy and steadfast dedication.

Evolving from humble beginnings as a modest toy and steam engine maker, Amerascrew has grown into a top-tier comprehensive machine, screw, and parts provider. This progress indicates Amerascrew’s enduring capacity to adjust to market shifts, partner effectively with critical counterparts, and utilize new technologies. Looking toward the future, Amerascrew remains committed to its innovative drive, ready to meet the dynamic needs of the industrial sector while consistently delivering top-tier products and services to customers—safely and effectively.

To explore Amerascrew’s full line-up of current machines and offerings, please visit their facility list here: https://amerascrew.com/wp-content/uploads/facility-list-updated-1-4-21-min.pdf.

For additional information, please contact:

653 Lida Street

PO Box 1407

Mansfield, Ohio 44901


Phone: (419) 522-2232
Fax: (419) 525-4165

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