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A Short History of Screw Machines

Manufacturing truly is the backbone of America. Everything we have, use, and look at is a product of manufacturing. Often we thinking of that as the “putting together” of pieces of equipment, technology and such to create the product we see. But you have to stop and think, where did those pieces come from? Say you just bought a new desk and you need to assemble it. The screws and drawer rollers and other various metal and plastic parts contained in the kit come from somewhere and were made by someone. Now is when you start to realize that manufacturing actually has layers before the product gets to you!

Those metal and plastic parts are often made by a separate manufacturer through a process known as screw machining. A screw machine comprises a hollow spindle and cams. A bar is fed into the machine, and the unwanted material is chipped away to create different types of screws, studs, and bolts.

Automatic screw machines are types of metal working lathes, which are used to machine hard materials into precisely designed components. The machining process allows for the creation of duplicate parts. These machines when first created used to be manual, but today’s screw machines are Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines. The history of automatic screw machines is indeed a long one, with the first machines being developed before the Civil War. Here is a brief timeline of important dates in the history of automatic screw machines.

  • 1861: Joseph R. Brown invents a milling machine for cutting spirals from metals.
  • 1865: This machine is named as a screw machine, and is patented in 1865.
  • 1876: Joseph Brown passes away. The screw machine department at Brown and Sharpe is taken over by Oscar J. Beale. He helps build the first automatic screw machine in 1880.
  • 1951: Henry D. Sharpe Jr. takes over the company from his father. Sharpe focuses on mass production of multi spindle automatic screw machines for various industries.

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